Hi there!

We accept applicants who are Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents, and International Students studying in Singapore, aged between 11 to 26 years old who are proficient in playing one or more of the following instruments: 

– Huqin (胡琴)
– Cello (大提琴)
– Double Bass (倍大提琴)
– Liuqin (柳琴)
– Pipa (琵琶)
– Ruan/ Sanxian (阮/ 三弦)
– Yangqin (扬琴)
– Guzheng (古筝)
– Harp (竖琴)
– Dizi (笛子)
– Sheng (笙)
– Suona/ Guan (唢呐/ 管子)
– Percussion (敲击)

During your audition, you will be required to perform the following:

1 Choice Piece

– 5 Minutes, with adagio and allegro parts.

2 Set Pieces
– In stave or numeric score format.

1 Sight Reading Piece
– In stave score format.
– You will be given 10 minutes to work on the piece on the day of the audition.

*You may also be interviewed by our panel of adjudicators.

SNYCO Rehearsal Schedule
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