Dauntless Spirit 少年之锐 2018 – SNYCO & SCO

17 MARCH 2018, 8pm SCO Concert Hall

Conductors: Tsung Yeh, Quek Ling Kiong, Moses Gay

Flying Apsaras 飞天 / Zhao Jiping
Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

Hymn of Mount Li 骊山吟 / Rao Yu-yan
Conductor: Moses Gay

Festivity 庆节令 / Wang Ning
Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

Erhu and Orchestra: The Blue Planet – Earth / Wang I-Yu
二胡与乐队:蓝色星球 – 地球
Conductor: Moses Gay
Erhu: Deborah Siok Li Chin

Pipa and Orchestra: Apsaras on the Silk Road / Zhao Cong
Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong
Pipa: Chen Xinyu

Summer Night 夏之夜 / Peng Xiuwen
Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Third Movement: Vicissitudes of Life from Symphony Jinling / Peng Xiuwen
金陵交响乐 之 第三乐章:沧桑
Conductor: Tsung Yeh


Singapore’s best and brilliant young talents from the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra will show off their musical virtuosity in this concert. Fantastic soundscapes in Zhao Ji Ping’s Flying Apsaras and Rao Yu-yan’s Hymn of Mount Li will stimulate your imagination, while the pulsating rhythms of Summer Night and Vicissitudes of Life from Symphony Jinling presented by the best of the island’s young Chinese music talents and our very own SCO musicians will thrill your ears in a mass concert involving a force of more than a hundred musicians.



Ticket Price(s):$25, $15, $10 (Excluding SISTIC fee), Buddy Package: 20% off (2 tickets)